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What's the difference?

Beard Oil

The obvious necessity for the modern beardsman. Beard oil can be used on any beard at any length. It is essential for short beards and calms the itch that is associated with early growth. It softens and conditions the hair while quickly absorbing and hydrating the skin underneath. Beard oil absorbs more quickly than Balm and leaves a matte finish. Beard oil is usually enough to style short beards.

*The smell of our oils are much stronger than the smell of our balms. They have the purest essential oil fragrance.

Beard Balm

Our balms tame wild hairs in your beard and have enough hold to tame your mustache and side burns as well. They are also a great addition to skincare for those with very dry or irritated skin. Our balms aren't just for your beard, they're so beneficial you can use them as an all-over moisturizer. 

*The smell of our balms are not as strong as our beard oils. The balms are made with pure, unrefined shea butter and coconut oil, which have a natural scent that mixes well with our blend of essential oils.

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