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Our Unique Blends


This awesome blend is our longest-lasting sc​ented oil, with clean and crisp notes to have you smelling awesome any night of the week! This popular scent is a special blend of soft musk, sandalwood and light floral scent (Germanium and lavender).

Yes Sir

You'll love our fresh citrus blend of grapefruit and orange. This invigorating fragrance is long-lasting and can help lower anxiety and stress levels to get you through your day.


Our delicate blend of spice and peony is rounded out by white musk. With a hint of bergamot, Valhalla scented oil and balm will intice your senses and leave you smelling great and feeling confident.


You will love the strong yet subtle woodsy floral notes we have created in Overdose. Our lavender scented oil and balm will soothe your senses and calm your nerves.

Daddy's Home

This scented oil is a perfect blend of soft musk with light floral notes. This wooded scent is one of our most popular and very long-lasting. Sandalwood is blended with Peony and other floral essential oils.

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